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On November 2nd, 1998, a dedicated group of Carthage townspeople met to organize the Carthage Museum and Historical Society. The old building, which had been used as a museum for 25 years, was purchased from the City of Carthage.

In May 1999, an inspection of the building was made by the Society's members, who found the building to be unsafe to open to the public, which was also confirmed by a consulting contractor. The Society began to look for other locations in town to move the museum. Finding none, they considered building a new one. One of the members had read of buildings that use straw for insulation. This sparked interest and the members soon became engulfed with reading books, watching videos and consulting straw bale builders. They also made several visits to Nebraska towns to inspect the straw bale buildings and to talk to the builders. Based on these discussions and the information they obtained, they decided to build a new museum on the existing site using a straw bale pole structure.